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Invited Speakers
1-Prof. Dr. Mario Adelfo Batista Zaldívar
Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo (ESPOCH)

He obtained Chemical Engineer’s academic title in 1993. He possesses 24 years of professional experience, of them 13 in the superior education.He has imparted class in graduate degree in the following subjects: Methodology of investigation, Management of projects, Social Problems of Science and Technology, scientific writing, Management of scientific publications in magazines indexadas, among others. He has imparted class in degree in the following subjects: Methodology of investigation, chemical sciences, Design statistical of experiments, Technology of management, Management of projects, Statistic, Workshop of projects of investigation, among others. He has approved 26 graduate degrees, among those that are: Doctorate in Management of Science, Technology and environment, Master in Environmental Management, as well as other courses, trainings and graduates, with a total of 13 080 present and autonomous hours. He has carried out tutorship to 14 master thesis.

He has obtained the following prizes and recognitions:

Award to scientific merit to the innovation of more impact in the development local “Management of knowledge and innovation for the sustainable local development in Calixto García”, 2011.Award municipal to management of projects and innovation granted by Council of Municipal Administration, 2011.Award of rector as integrally more outstanding professor, 2006.

Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo (ESPOCH)

 Mechanical Engineer and PhD in Technical Sciences with 34 years in Higher Education. A Cuban national, residing in Ecuador. Since March 2014,He has been teaching at the School of Mechanical Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanics of the Polytechnic School of Chimborazo (ESPOCH), Ecuador, where he teaches the subjects Methodology of Research and Mechanisms, coordinated the Master’s Program in Mechanical Design , Founder and coordinator of the Scientific Research Group on Agricultural and Transport Machinery, coordinated the scientific research project “Design of equipment and training of human talent for the sustainable agricultural development of Chimborazo” and participates as a researcher in the project “RED IBEROAMERICANA DE AGROBIGDATA AND “DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS” (DSS) FOR A SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURAL SECTOR “, of the Ibero-American Program of Science and Technology for Development: CYTED. In addition, He was Director of the School of Mechanical Engineering.

He spent professional experience as Provincial Director of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of the province of Holguín, Cuba for six years.

During the entire career, He has directed doctorates in science, more than 28 theses of Master’s Programs and dozens of degree in close relationship with the community. He has been awarded decorations and distinctions in recognition of the developed teaching and research work.